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The following aims and objectives arise from our Philosophy, Vision, Mission and History for SAVITRI Polytechnic for Women and its students.

  • To offer a curriculum for various courses which will give the opportunity to gain internationally recognized qualifications. The first and foremost focus for us since over two decades has been to bring the best education practices from developed countries like USA to merge or supplement to the systems currently in vogue in India
  • To provide students with knowledge and attitude, which prepares them for continuing growth,future education and participation in the affairsof life to the best of each student’s individual capacity
  • To enable students to acquire basic skills, employable skills, knowledge and understanding through an activity, enquiry-based learning programs, innovation, creativity and realize the relevance and benefit ofsuch a programfor which she is undertaking training and to enjoy it
  • To guide students towards independence and self-discipline, recognizing that training programs include both academic and employable skills. To a great extent, our focus is to provide an environment conducive to students and guide them towards entrepreneurship, which is the need of the hour. Innovation is the buzz –word in each and every classroom
  • To assist each student to acquire the greatest possible understanding of herself and an appreciation of her worth as an individual and a member of her family and community


Less Educated women Hardly Under go any technical, professional & vocational training. In fact for most of such women quality education, vocational training is not available. In terms of career options, such lesser educated and not so fortunate women tend to work in low paid unorganized sector. Per person productivity of these women works out to be a small fraction of productivity of those who work in organized sector of Indian economy. There is therefore, an urgent need to train a vast majority of SCHOOL DROP OUT girls. We undertake to provide these girls employable/ self employable skills, keeping in view jobs market demands to get jobs on their merit to earn their sustainable lively hood.

All training skill development Programs we offer are well designed through graded exercises, performance based activities infusing efficiency transparency accountability to measures the effectiveness at work. Thus we provide end – to? end process for providing basic, skills knowledge and attitude for self / wage employment to intended beneficiaries in their own community or nearby areas.

Impart entrepreneurial HARD & SOFT SKILLS for initiative micro/ tiny enterprises to facilitate employability and multi ? trade skills depending on market need.

Short term non?formal, modular courses of 3/6 months duration to pave way for self paced open learning for women or also available without any pre condition of age and educational qualification.

The achievement of the trainees in term of competencies developed indicating level of proficiency in case of short term courses, is done by issuing certificate which can help employing agencies in making recruitments.

A lot more emphasis is given to the growing need of the SERVICE SECTOR, such as opening a small school for preschooling / early child hood care education, boutique, parlor, health care and hygiene , baby sitting etc.


The major criteria for proper feedback mechanism to asses post – training status of trainees is the FLOW OF ADMMISSIONS FOR ANY PARTICULAR COURSE ; which also explains how the trainer/ faculty make the class room effective, creative awareness, motivation and values of training. IT HAS NOW BECOME A GUIDING FACTOR FOR FACULTIES PROMOTION AND FUTURE CAREERS, WORLD WIDE.


The ultimate aim of Raj Duggal Education Society is to create a center offering comprehensive training focused towards Women Empowerment. Our endeavour is to help each student to discover, develop and nurture her talent in service of humanity as well as to meet her own personal needs. SAVITRI polytechnic for women is one such center, developed with over two decades of intensive work for the society.

It is the first institute of it`s kind in Faridabad, which is dedicated to women empowerment incorporating contemporary trends in Teacher Education, Dress Designing, Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Embroidery, Beauty Culture, Computer Application, and Office Management. It is committed to providing equal opportunities in vocational education to women students and preparing them for making meaningful, positive, steadfast and consistent contribution in an increasingly complex global society.

An exclusive, women`s institute, SAVITRI aims to be a leader in North of India in the field of Teacher`s Education, in particular for Pre-Schools, Early Childhood Care Education, Pre-Primary Education, Vocational and Professional Education.

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