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Student Innovation Unit At Savitri Polytechnic

EDUCATION EMPOWERS.Education at SAVITRI is a social cause.We have been working for the Community empowering women through Skill Development Programs since 1992. STUDENT INNOVATION UNIT opens new doors and unfolds unfounded opportunities. Students here not only learn the subject domains but also acquire the skills to apply them in real life situations. If education is to take us into the depths of Learning and enrich humanity, it has to be in process which takes students beyond the academic curriculum and the Examination hall. It has to nourish the soul as much it feeds the intellect. It should show a path to live “good life”.

To generate students Innovative ideas we need to enhance their critical thinking so that they can enter into the realm of research and inquiry. We teach students to contribute their knowledge not only to make a scientific and industrial world but to create a society which is harmonious and peaceful. SAVITRI aims that Education here shapes every student of ours as a harmonious personality. There is a universal unanimity that education is a panacea for all socio-economic problems. But education does cause a difficult situation. Highly educated people have given us the miracles of modern medicine but equally well-educated scientists gave us the nuclear bomb todestroy.

We constantly strive to achieve vision at SAVITRI to teach our students to bring a positive change in social, economic and cultural field which impacts their families & Community, through Innovative positive efforts, and the best precepts and practices in tune with the time. Students receive education at SAVITRI by Observation and on-hand experiences most innovatively rather than by receiving it from others pre-existence opinion.

S.N. Duggal

CMD, SAVITRI Group of Institutions



The ultimate aim of Raj Duggal Education Society is to create a center offering comprehensive training focused towards Women Empowerment. Our endeavour is to help each student to discover, develop and nurture her talent in service of humanity as well as to meet her own personal needs. SAVITRI polytechnic for women is one such center, developed with over two decades of intensive work for the society.

It is the first institute of it`s kind in Faridabad, which is dedicated to women empowerment incorporating contemporary trends in Teacher Education, Dress Designing, Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Embroidery, Beauty Culture, Computer Application, and Office Management. It is committed to providing equal opportunities in vocational education to women students and preparing them for making meaningful, positive, steadfast and consistent contribution in an increasingly complex global society.

An exclusive, women`s institute, SAVITRI aims to be a leader in North of India in the field of Teacher`s Education, in particular for Pre-Schools, Early Childhood Care Education, Pre-Primary Education, Vocational and Professional Education.

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