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Hard and Soft skills go hand-in-hand. Soft skills augment and complement the hard skills. These together make a complete system. Any of the two alone cannot determine the success of an institution like Savitri Polytechnic for Women, Faridabad. While degrees, certificates, recognitions etc. anything tangible that can be mentioned on paper, are considered to be Hard Skills, the subtler ones like sincerity, dedication, punctuality, efficiency etc. are termed as Soft Skills. The hard skills can be acquired at a school, Polytechnic college or university. Soft skills are more informal in nature and can be learnt anywhere — on the road, in a restaurant, at home, with friends etc. Any individual with good hard skills and combining it with ability to present his ideas or work through Soft skills will land him/her to a great job. But only information about these skills is not enough. Well planed training by expert faculty inside and outside classrooms as currently at Savitri Polytechnic for Women, Faridabad; makes the real difference. Savitri Polytechnic for Women, Faridabad with its experience over 2 decades, has discovered that linking these skills in day to day lesson plans of various skill development programs/courses on offer create a great impact on training out- puts & with the results our students get 100% job possibilities and have proved successful at their work stations.

Hard Skills

  • Communication means sending and receiving messages in verbal or written form. Effective communication helps people to convince, develop ideas, transfer knowledge, and run businesses. It is more than just speaking the language. Communication skills involve active listening, presentation as well as excellent writing capabilities.
  • Analysis This simply means that people must have the ability to identify and define problems
  • Computer and technical literacy:Almost all jobs nowadays require basic competency in computers relevant to its business field. Computer / Technical skills have now become indispensable in every working
  • Adaptive: In today’s technology driven and rapidly evolving business environment, the ability to pick up on new technologies and adjust to changing business surroundings is important. Adaptive skills make people friendly and enable them to be open to interaction. These days, the more trades people know, the better employed are they; as they prove to be multitalented assets to their organization.
  • Interpersonal: skills refer to the ability to express properly as well as to understand others. The ability to work in team, and manage conflict is a valuable asset at the workplace. This skill is important to get ahead–and as you advance in your career, the aptitude to work with others becomes even more crucial. It holds a significant place in the lives of teachers and other professionals we train at SAVITRI, to be efficient & effective at their work stations.
  • Leadership / Management: It provides a vision to the organization and steers the team to higher levels of intellect and standards necessary to motivate it to achieve targets.
  • Multicultural Sensitivitywith the globalization of the world, it has become extremely important to respect cultures, languages, and manners of the different countries. The world looks up to people with talent.
  • Planning is yet another requisite for any institution to work well. Optimum output is achieved only when the work is planned and organized from start to finish.
  • Problem Solving:It means analyzing the trends of growth and contributing towards the strategies for maximizing business. The ability to use creativity, reasoning, past experience, information and available resources to resolve issues has become important in business. The candidates with problem solving attitude are helpful in building a good will for the organization and are seen as assets to any organization.
  • Teamwork:It has always been one of the major features of any institution. An institution where all the people are experts within their own rights can adapt and adjust well to give it a practical shape for the best interest of student’s growth as ‘JOB READY’.
Leading soft skills as per business requirement career plans, we offer:
  • Soft skills are general skills like the ability to accept feedback, work collaboratively, manage your time, etc. These are skills that will help you in selection of your choice job and greater success at work stations at any business activity.
  • Loyalty People who are Loyal to their organization stand to earn benefits in terms of respect, money and other privileges.
  • Integrity to earn money with respect. The management of most of the organizations is focused favorably at rewarding people who would sacrifice anything to keep up their integrity.
  • Flexibility It is always advisable to listen to the people around and comprehend what they want to say to proceed ahead in matter under conversation.
  • Dedication towards work has always proved to be an attribute, most wanted and appreciated.
  • Reliability means trust which employers value.
  • Positive AttitudeKeep yourself comfortable in all situations at business and at home.
  • Professionalism refers to the people’s attitude of treating everything at work without emotions. We aim to take decisions without any prejudice.
  • Self-confidence It is a personal skill which enables people to venture at the unknown and emerge as winner. It gives courage to face
  • Willingness to learn adds to our interest towards the job and proves to be beneficial in the long run. Every work environment has something to offer in terms of new knowledge, a better understanding of human nature and of course efficient methods of working.
  • Ability to work independently is an asset cherished all over the world. They need to be experts at their subject / area of work and display extreme care in carrying out their responsibilities.
  • Respect for others Respect comes to a person who gives it to others.
  • Patience when we work we need to have patience as everyone has a different level of maturity and tends to react in different ways.
  • Good listening Helps to understand the information properly for right decisions.
  • Research on topics for interest leads the students by their hand towards the future which has more opportunities in store for
  • Time Management is essential to plan all round greater success in any activity.
  • Project management skills Nowadays many companies aren’t hiring project managers because they expect all of their employees to possess certain characteristics of this skill.
  • Process improvement expertise Optimizing business procedures can save time and money.
  • Right work ethic: Initiative & devotion bring desired results
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) All our behavioral patterns indicate the level of our soft skills. Our body language and other gestures reflect much about our soft skills. The way we speak and behave with our teachers, friends, parents, peers, seniors indicate the growth level of our soft skills.

At Soft Skills Training procedures we asses periodically where our students’ gaps in learning to improve. Soft Skills have far reaching affects. Students forget what you said. They will forget what you did, but will never forget how you make them feel.

Our objective is to help our students to achieve their goals. We aim to develop high performing women professionally by arming them with necessary skills and behaviors for today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive world and we offer well planned & meaningful training for it, keeping pace with national priorities.


The ultimate aim of Raj Duggal Education Society is to create a center offering comprehensive training focused towards Women Empowerment. Our endeavour is to help each student to discover, develop and nurture her talent in service of humanity as well as to meet her own personal needs. SAVITRI polytechnic for women is one such center, developed with over two decades of intensive work for the society.

It is the first institute of it`s kind in Faridabad, which is dedicated to women empowerment incorporating contemporary trends in Teacher Education, Dress Designing, Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Embroidery, Beauty Culture, Computer Application, and Office Management. It is committed to providing equal opportunities in vocational education to women students and preparing them for making meaningful, positive, steadfast and consistent contribution in an increasingly complex global society.

An exclusive, women`s institute, SAVITRI aims to be a leader in North of India in the field of Teacher`s Education, in particular for Pre-Schools, Early Childhood Care Education, Pre-Primary Education, Vocational and Professional Education.

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