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We at SAVITRI feel that teaching is both ‘heart’ and ‘science’. The ‘heart’ lies in the personal characteristics that bring teachers to the job. The ‘science’ involves teaching skills and the knowledge teachers have about children. It is about putting all the following together with a teaching theme:

  • establishing classroom rules
  • developing schedules
  • dealing with discipline problems
  • developing the children’s language skills through games and activitie

We understand that the teachers have to play varied roles and responsibilities of a friend, manager, coach, salesperson, nurse, housekeeper and guide.


The emphasis is on empowering women to be independent in terms of thoughts, expression and self-reliance. We promote teacher training as a leading course as 99% of the teachers are women in Preschools and Early Childhood Care Centers.

People’s Expectations & Our Endeavour

It has been our constant effort to get the courses we offer, approved and certified for their validity at national level for job openings, by any competent agency, university of repute, or state / national government.

National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE)

SAVITRI took the initiative to be the first institution in Haryana to apply for No-Objection Certificate (NOC) in 1996 for recognition of Nursery Teacher Training (2 year professional) from NCTE established by Govt. of India in 1995. Based on a series of inspections by the concerned officials from Regional Director, NCTE Jaipur, NCTE approved our training plans, systems, facilities, teaching methodology. SAVITRI Polytechnic for Women, established in 1992 was recognized to run training programme for women and even seats were allotted vide NCTE order Regional Director-1/97/288, dated 24/05/1997.

The Govt. of Haryana was considerate to have recommended it to the NCTE to grant us permission to conduct Course Ending Examination as such we conduct examination and award Diploma Certification.

American Impact

We have been visiting America for knowledge relevant to our activities at SAVITRI Polytechnic for Women and its development for more than two decades now. Year after year we adopt different pattern of learning procedures.

Our practical experiences and observations for the last 30 years have led us to include the following in our curriculum:

  • 25 Hard and Soft Skills
  • 100 Teacher-tried-tested-techniques
  • Art of Business

Student Innovation Unit

  • We have integrated American systems with Indian beliefs and values
  • We have worked on this fusion and presented them in the shape of sixty articles, which have been published in the newspaper and are a part of the official website of the Polytechnic.


The ultimate aim of Raj Duggal Education Society is to create a center offering comprehensive training focused towards Women Empowerment. Our endeavour is to help each student to discover, develop and nurture her talent in service of humanity as well as to meet her own personal needs. SAVITRI polytechnic for women is one such center, developed with over two decades of intensive work for the society.

It is the first institute of it`s kind in Faridabad, which is dedicated to women empowerment incorporating contemporary trends in Teacher Education, Dress Designing, Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Embroidery, Beauty Culture, Computer Application, and Office Management. It is committed to providing equal opportunities in vocational education to women students and preparing them for making meaningful, positive, steadfast and consistent contribution in an increasingly complex global society.

An exclusive, women`s institute, SAVITRI aims to be a leader in North of India in the field of Teacher`s Education, in particular for Pre-Schools, Early Childhood Care Education, Pre-Primary Education, Vocational and Professional Education.

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