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  • Savitri Polytechnic for Women is one exclusive women institution of real substance for development of women of substance. It always strives to train its students as modern Indian Business Women.
  • Managing Work Life Balance Work and life run in the same continuity. It is about having a calendar for running home and work as best as possible. We trick lies in systematic balancing of all aspects of one’s life and work.
  • Being a Fit Women Yoga, Meditation and exercise should be an essential routine of her life to avoid stress.
  • High Energy and Happiness She should always be positive and manage to help someone under stress to smile. Smile for people around positively influences her energy.
  • Micro Planner She should plan systematically and come out of her comfort zone as it is where the magic happens.
  • Spiritual Diet SPower of Prayer adds values to woman’s life to be women of substance.
  • Handling Success and Failure Only when one fails can celebrate success. One should fear failures it adds to experience to improve.
  • Crisis Management She should sit in a quite corner, visualize the crises and then decide the course of action. Never hesitate to seek guidance.
  • Time Management Whether it is managing work pressure family responsibilities, women came do all this with time management.


We encourage our students to learn through Project based training experiences, by participating in the idea generating initiatives, for which Student Innovation Unit at SAVITRI Polytechnic for Women in one unique platform. Here we also facilitate understanding about job market surveys and visibility to strategic future prospects for women, leading to independent decision making capabilities. Thusweplan to instill a sense of self confidence in our students.


Traditionally women are expected to fit in the educational systems, but systems are slow to adapt to women’s changing needs and social setup. A one-size-fits-all curriculum aims at an average spectrum of women. What we need is a Vocational Education System where women can channelise their interest and build up expertise. We are offering specialized curricula and have put a limit to its diversification. The skill associated with particular occupation in today’s knowledge-basedsociety, looks tobe meaningful. The Polytechnic now opens one of the sunshine sectors of economykeeping in view thewomen’s need.


The ultimate aim of Raj Duggal Education Society is to create a center offering comprehensive training focused towards Women Empowerment. Our endeavour is to help each student to discover, develop and nurture her talent in service of humanity as well as to meet her own personal needs. SAVITRI polytechnic for women is one such center, developed with over two decades of intensive work for the society.

It is the first institute of it`s kind in Faridabad, which is dedicated to women empowerment incorporating contemporary trends in Teacher Education, Dress Designing, Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Embroidery, Beauty Culture, Computer Application, and Office Management. It is committed to providing equal opportunities in vocational education to women students and preparing them for making meaningful, positive, steadfast and consistent contribution in an increasingly complex global society.

An exclusive, women`s institute, SAVITRI aims to be a leader in North of India in the field of Teacher`s Education, in particular for Pre-Schools, Early Childhood Care Education, Pre-Primary Education, Vocational and Professional Education.

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